The Pishran Part Paya Company (PPP. Co. ) was established in 2017 by collecting a team of industrial and academic elites with the goal of localizing knowledge of designing and manufacturing high technology rotary equipment. The founders of this company are professionals and elites of the university and industry, all with outstanding backgrounds and experiences in the fields of science and academia as well as in the industrial field. continue...

Design and construction of world-class steam turbines with the aim of export markets
Providing world-class quality services in the field of repair and maintenance of rotary machines

We have established an agile organization that can move along the 21-century developments and industry. This goal is achieved by implementing professionals and state-of-the-art technology in our company. The company wishes a full-fledged approach to aspects of strategic management, knowledge-driven engineering services, manufacturing, human resource capabilities, and software and hardware upgrades.

PishranPart in Iran international oil, gas, refining& petrochemical exhibition