About Us

Pishran Part Paya Company

The Pishran Part Paya Company (PPP. Co. ) was established in 2017 by collecting a team of industrial and academic elites with the goal of localizing knowledge of designing and manufacturing high technology rotary equipment. The founders of this company are professionals and elites of the university and industry, all with outstanding backgrounds and experiences in the fields of science and academia as well as in the industrial field.

The company has focused its objectives on the following areas:

Design and construction of steam turbines
Design and construction of components and assemblies of process pumps
Providing overhaul services and repairing rotary equipment
Conducting seminars and training courses for rotary equipment
Providing engineering and consulting services in the field of rotary equipment including:
• Operation and maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Optimizing and upgrading

Hardware and facilities:

Four-axis CNC mills
Turning and boring machines
Grinding and leveling equipment:
• Various types of accurate measuring instruments and making tolerance
• Types of drills
• Types of devices for testing performance parameters of steam turbines
• Types of quality control equipment
• Different softwares CAD/ CAM/ CAE likesCATIA، Powermill,CFX,Fluent, AutoCad,SolidWorks و ...


Design and construction of world-class steam turbines with the aim of export markets
Providing world-class quality services in the field of repair and maintenance of rotary machines