Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the type of the turbines constructed in this company?
The turbines constructed in this company are Curtis type (one-floor, two-rows). These kind of turbines are impulse ones with very low reaction degree. For more information, please go to the training section in the site.
2In what range of power, temperature and pressure can the turbines constructed by this company work?
The frames constructed by this company covers from 50 kilowatts to 3 Megawatt of power and their maximum temperature and pressure have been presented in the catalog of the products.
3In which industries are these turbines applicable?
Different industries like refineries, petrochemicals, powerhouses, food industries, chemical industries, recovery industries of heat waste and …
4Are the turbines of this company designed and constructed according to the standards?
This company’s turbines are designed and constructed based on API standard and they have the quality similar to American and European samples.
5What parameters are needed to choose a steam turbine?
Required power, Debai and available steam conditions, mechanical qualifications such as round and dimensional constraints
6How much time is needed to design and construct a steam turbine in this class?
Depending on the size of the turbine, between 4 to 8 months
7Basically, is the company designing from the base, or does it work in reverse engineering?
By using predetermined and specified initial structures, the turbines of this company are designed and constructed according to the needs of each customer.
8What are the steps in designing a steam turbine process?
Principally, the designing process of a reciprocating process in which many different departments are involved. In summary, these steps are: Aerodynamics: base designing and sizing, one dimensional designing, three dimensional designing and optimization Structure: strength of materials and stress analysis, dynamic rotor and vibrational analysis Control: controlling and dynamic designing Construction and production: providing three dimensional model, designing to construct and construction maps

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